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Mondental · Exclusive Orthodontics

Exclusive Orthodontics

Mondental Exclusive Orthodontics offers an integral service that covers all the necessities within the orthodontics and TMJ field. We highlight the innovative Kidsline, an amusing orthodontics while effective with a broad range of personalised designs.

From more traditional orthodontics to the most exclusive


To secure and maintain the treatment.

  • Hawley.
  • 3×3 braided.
  • Invisible retainer.
  • Essix.
  • Round Retainer.
  • Spring retainer.
  • Banderlinde.
  • 3×3 with guide.


An early option to give a good base to the treatment. Small movement, habits, asymmetries…

  • Symmetrical expansion board.
  • Asymmetric expansion board.
  • With planes.
  • With unilateral flap.
  • Bertoni.
  • With progeny bow.
  • Fan Expansion.


Distalization, anchoring and disjunction.

Support and anchoring for big movements with brackets of for disjunction/expansion… It is a very good choice.

  • Palatine bar.
  • Quad-Helix.
  • Nance button.
  • Space maintainer.
  • Hass.
  • Hyrax.
  • Mc Namara.
  • Pendulum of Hilgers.


It is an Interrelation of both arches through double plates or monoblocks for correcting Type II and Type III.

  • Twin Block.
  • Sanders.
  • Equiplan.
  • Flat Tracks.
  • Bionator.
  • Herbst.
  • Fränckel.
  • Klammt.


“Now you see it, now you don’t”.

The system of invisible plates lets orthodontic corrections in an aesthetic way.

  • Invisible retainer.
  • Essix with set-up.
  • Progressive thicknesses (depending on required movements).
  • Daemon.
  • Invisible multifunction.


Tailored, anti-stress, confortable… because I need to rest.

  • Higher.
  • Lower.
  • Flat.
  • With canine tooth guide.
  • Michigan.


Light, confortable and progressive advancement anti-snoring splints.

  • TAP.
  • EMA.
  • IST.


Download PDF: EMA Myerson 2010 abrev.


SomnoMed global leader in Continuous Open Airway Therapy (COAT) has developed the unique SomnoDent system, the clinically proven definitive treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).


SomnoMed is represented by Mondental, the only authorized laboratory to produce and deliver SomnoDent in Spain.


Please contact us for further information.


We recomment the use of SomTabs for a gentle and effective cleaning.

Download PDF: Somnomed flier


Personalized Hawley, for all ages.

Exclusive Orthodontics KIDSLINE, an amusing orthodontics while effective.

“Mom, I want to take this orthodontic appliance”.


The Mondental sports protector perfectly adapts to the mouth structure of each person because every prototype is designed from a previous impression. It lets effortlessly talk. It holds the jaw in the right position. It is tasteless, odourless and totally innocuous. The person literally forgets having it.

It works like a device of integral protection because it protects the soft tissues, the teeth and the jaw. It minimizes the concussion and the injuries on the back of the neck.

There are protectors specially designed for each kind of sport and age of the athlete:

  • Junior: until 16 years old.
  • Senior: adults, for most of sports.
  • Professional: able for high-risk sports or high impact sports as Hockey and Water polo.
  • Boxer: specially designed for fight sports like boxing or karate.

Protectors can be elaborated only in authorized laboratories with the manufacturing method, design and original presentation, as Mondental.




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